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Rasnov Cultural Tour

Rasnov Cultural Tour brings you to the “Fotress City”

The Rasnov Cultural Tour introduces you to thw Rasnov Fortress, and not only! After Bran Castle, the Rasnov Fortress is the most visited tourist attraction in Brasov. It was built between 1211-1225, but its history goes back many years. Its origins are being linked to a Dacian settlement called Cumidava. Now, in Râșnov, we have one of the best preserved and spectacular fortified complexes in Transylvania. In 2015, the New York publication ,,Traveler” gave it a place of honour in the top 10 most beautiful castles in the world in winter.

Building a fortress came about as a necessity for the city’s workers. Situated between Țara Bârsei and the Bran Pass, the little town was in the way of the Turkish and Tatar raids. It was therefore decided to build a fortress. The fortress was erected in stages over several centuries using a variety of building materials. In 1211-1225 – during the rule of the Teutonic Knights in the Barsa Country – the oldest part of the medieval fortress was built.

What can you do in the fairytale town of Rasnov?

We invite you to take part in the Rasnov Cultural Tour! You will be able to enjoy a museum of feudal art with weapons, tools, period furniture. You can climb the restored defensive towers. You can pass by the school, the priest’s tower, the castellan’s tower, the Trabant’s dwelling. You can even shoot crossbows, bows or throw axes at peaceful targets, dreaming of knightly times. You can pamper the cats that spring up everywhere. You can buy one-of-a-kind items or curios from the old cottages, now converted into souvenir shops. You can read information boards with historical facts. You can take hundreds of photos of the spectacular scenery stretching from the Fortress Hill across the entire Barsa Country.

The Rasnov Cultural Tour is for everyone?

Rasnov Cultural TourOf course! Any history passionate is invited to come and discover the hidden mysteries of time. Besides the Fortress, if you are passionate about speology, we have a surprise for you. The Fortress Valley Cave is relatively new on the tourist circuit. We don’t know how long it took the water to dig into the rock, build galleries and shape some of the most beautiful formations with limestone, but we do know it did a wonderful job.

The cave has a unique LED lighting system, precisely to avoid disturbing the ecosystem and the colonies of bats that have made their home here. The paths are made of fiberglass to be safe and “invisible”. The light, the reflections that the small lakes form eliminate the claustrophobic feeling of the cave and create a fairytale-like, magical landscape.

So here’s how the Rasnov Cultural Tour has plenty of surprises for you and your loved ones. Don’t hesitate and book today!

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